Letter from the President

Effective November 1, 2016 I will be closing A.I.W. Inc. in all states. AIW has been in business 15 years and has serviced Federal, State, Local Government Agencies and Prime Contractors. I send out my thanks and appreciation to all who gave us support, guidance and the opportunity to succeed. SMALL BUSINESSES and ASSOCIATIONS who mentored me in areas of business where I had no experience and supported me in so many ways I can’t list them all. CUSTOMERS who chose to work with us and allowed us to provide products and service to their organizations. CONSULTANTS and LARGE BUSINESSES who had faith in us and brought opportunities to our table. VENDORS who took the chance with us and our limited funding capabilities to provide products. FINANCIAL INSTUTIONS who saw our past performance as proof that we were worth the risk to fund our projects. Most importantly to the STAFF of AIW who provided excellent customer service to our vendors and customers.

This journey has given me many experiences and lessons. From feelings of lacking the knowledge, experience and lack of financial funding to feelings of pride, success, gratitude and being pleased to have maintained the integrity and professionalism required to be a small business owner.

I thank everyone who has been a part of this journey and I wish you the best going forward.

Krista Gates

Email: krista@aiwonline.net

An American Indian Woman-Owned Company